(888) 829-1341 or (570) 829-1341 or 2-1-1 where available.

NEPA 211
Help Line

Crisis Information

Click on the links below for more information.

Ambulance – Fire – Police
For emergency services call 9-1-1 in both Luzerne & Wyoming Counties.
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Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Services can be accessed at Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Drug/Alcohol Program at 570-826-3035. Other services are available through:
Lower Luzerne County - Serento Gardens: Alcoholism and Drug Services at 570-455-9902,
Upper Luzerne County - Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services at 570-820-8888.
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Child Abuse/Neglect
To report child abuse or neglect you have two options:
1. ChildLine the statewide hotline to report abuse at 1-800-932-0313.
2. Report directly to your county Children & Youth agency.
*Luzerne County call 570-826-8710 or 570-454-9740,
*Wyoming County call 570-836-3131.
* Help Line provides after-hours telephone coverage.
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Crime & Assault/Victim Services
For services in Carbon, Luzerne and Wyoming Counties contact the *Victims Resource Center (VRC).
Carbon County and Luzerne County can call 570-823-0765
Wyoming County residents may contact the VRC at 570-836-5544.
Toll Free – 1- 866-206-9050
* Help Line provides after hour telephone coverage.
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Disaster Services
In Luzerne County
Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency – 800-821-3715
Lower Luzerne County - Red Cross – Hazleton Chapter 570-455-9517
Upper Luzerne County – *Red Cross – Wyoming Valley Chapter 570-823-7161

In Wyoming County
Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency – 570-836-2828
Red Cross – Wyoming County Chapter 570-836-2626
* Help Line provides after hour telephone coverage.
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Elder Abuse/Issues
The Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Area Agency on Aging is the agency to contact to report abuse and for questions regarding the elderly. Contact them at 1-800-252-1512 or 570-822-1158.
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Emergency Shelter
Ruth's Place is a homeless shelter for women in Luzerne County they can be contacted at 570-822-6817.

Mother Theresa's Haven provides services for men in Luzerne County; you may contact them at:

Saint Anthony’s Haven in Scranton provides services for both men and women; they can be contacted at 570-969-0753.

People seeking services for families should contact the *Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO), which can be reached at the following numbers:

Mental Health Intervention
Adult Services
Lower Luzerne County – *Northeast Counseling Services
     Hazleton Area –570-455-6385
     Nanticoke Area – 570-735-7590
Upper Luzerne – Community Counseling Services – 570-552-6000
Wyoming County – Community Counseling Services – 570-836-3118

Children Services
*Children’s Service Center covers both counties and can be reached at:
Luzerne County 570-825-6425
Wyoming County 570-836-2722
* Help Line provides after hour telephone coverage.
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Partner Abuse
Domestic Violence Service Center covers both counties and can be reached at:
1-800-424-5600 or 570-823-7312
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Poison Control Center
Regional Center covers both counties call 1-800-222-1222.
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Safe Schools
Luzerne County Safe Schools Tip Line 1-866-700-KIDS (5437)
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Youth Runaway Services
*Bridge Youth Services covers both counties and can be reached at:
Lower Luzerne County – 570-455-6742
Upper Luzerne & Wyoming County –570-824-5766
· Help Line provides after hour telephone coverage.
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Other Links

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Disaster Services - - Red Cross - Wyoming Valley Chapter

Emergency Shelter - - CEO

Mental Health Intervention - - Northeast Counseling

Mental Health Intervention - Behavioral Health Services of Wyoming Valley - Community Counseling

Mental Health Intervention - - Children’s Service Center

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