(888) 829-1341 or (570) 829-1341 or 2-1-1 where available.

NEPA 211
Help Line

Telephone Reassurance Program


The “CARE” telephone reassurance system brings a sense of comfort into every participants home. It eases the concern of relatives and friends who may find it difficult to maintain consistent and reliable contact with the participant.

How does it work?
Each day at specified time(s), the “CARE” Telephone reassurance system will call. When the telephone is answered, a predetermined message will let you know that Help Line is calling. If there is no answer, the system will call back five minutes later. If after the second call there is still no answer, Help Line caseworkers are alerted to try the designated emergency contact to determine if there is a problem.

Predetermined Messages
A standard message is used for most participants in the program. Medication reminders can be used instead of the standard message, and other customized messages can be developed for special needs.

Is there a fee for this service?
The “CARE” Telephone reassurance program is free to residents of Bradford, Luzerne, Sullivan, Tioga, and Wyoming Counties. For people living outside this area, there is a $15 per month fee, for unlimited telephone calls. If you wish to make a donation to help maintain this free service, click the button below.

How do I request the service?
Simply call Help Line; a caseworker will answer your questions and send necessary paperwork to begin the service. Priority is given to the elderly, people who are experiencing health problems and those who are alone in Bradford, Luzerne, Sullivan, Tioga, and Wyoming Counties.